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"Privately owned. Publicly funded by the state. And let's talk about primary and secondary schools together as the problem is common across both."

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Suddenly she grabbed me and quickly flipped us both over into the missionary position, my cock still embedded in her infernal vagina. After a year or so we got Tyrone and mom hooked up and then had that shabby wedding, but Travis and I didn't care because mom looked so happy.

It was important to me that Supergirl be awake and conscious for her reen. "Hey you could have waited for us, what are you up to??.

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There were still a few streams of her mummy's bowl all around it and it surely didn't need any word of her to make me lick those away.

"Yeah right creep," Supergirl said. Michelle looked up and smiled, she said his cock looks liked it needed some attention. Now you send me something naughty" Jessica demanded in her next text. I know we haven't met, but I love you as a daughter should. "You know Brnuette means we nudw going to have to send her something.

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"I suppose everyone does.

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Dozahn 10 months ago
I guess we have different perspectives. I see the modern situation as me making the claim that Jesus rose from the dead, I see the bible as the strongest piece of historical literature recording Jesus's life. I am making the claim, the bible is support for that claim.
Sasar 10 months ago
Yes, the drug dealer would be the victim of the robbery.
Akinogar 10 months ago
Mythology is covered in history class.
Sasida 10 months ago
Why don't you read St. Augustine instead of the Georgetown clown?
Akinomi 10 months ago
You conceded and lost the argument.
Karr 10 months ago
Wag those tails... The animated gif... Geeeez... The minds around here..
Grozahn 10 months ago
Few people seem to realize how difficult it is to prosecute an employer.
Zolozil 9 months ago
You mean only the god you cannot prove to exist, but claim to know all about gives this Love.
Daijas 9 months ago
Because the rally represents an ideology that he disagrees with.
Mazuhn 9 months ago
No. A threat is you telling us something bad will happen that might not happen. And since your threat is empty, by nature of it never coming true...
Kazikora 9 months ago
Not trying to get in a pissing match with you. Commenters were assuming the girl you pictured was the shooter and were trashing her. Just trying to help.
Shazilkree 9 months ago
Bad choices can make for bad outcomes.
Guzil 9 months ago
fair point. all this time america thought god was on our side, but now it seems, we're standing in the way of prophecy. irony is a bitch.
Sataxe 8 months ago
"What evidence do you propose could exist regarding the nonexistence of the nonexistent?"
Mikanris 8 months ago
It all plays back into the Christian's child-like desire to see everything all smashed up and brought to ruin. It's baked into their eschatology; eventually their cosmic superman will come back and smash everything up, destroy the universe and smite all their enemies.
Gugis 8 months ago
It does not. You can be pro-choice but not believe in abortion. Conversely, you could support state-mandated abortion (population control) without any choice.
Dikora 8 months ago
Right?! OH LAWD!
Doura 8 months ago
God resists the proud and listens to and answers the humble. Christ says to you and me, "Come unto me.."
Yozshushura 8 months ago
Apologies if I missed you addressing it. I do see that two hours passed between you and I posting.
Fenritilar 8 months ago
That's not what they say on news views.
Malajind 7 months ago
Annette believes in YESHUA!! That?s why! She has a relationship with YHVH, you don?t. Stop posting to me if my opinion doesn?t matter. Thanks!
Faenris 7 months ago
Meztigami 7 months ago
Probably the same effect his insulting and bullying of NFL players had on the traditional visit to the White House by a Super Bowl winning team.

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