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"Wizards are forecasters who use magic to manipulate reality using energy and incantations."

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We were kissing deeply; I felt her hands drift towards my boobs. There was a weird thing between boy scouts and girl guides, we hate each other. I was showing cattle so I had to be there everyday.

" Kelli protested, but then no sooner had she said that, then she proceeded to tell me how she is more intrigued with the fantasy of a threesome with another guy and a girl because that way she could watch, touch both and get a piece of both worlds.

Their lips parted for just enough time for Cindy to tell Mike that she wanted his cock buried deep inside her. "And I'll always be here for you," Anna replied. We froze because she came back into the room with a chest of Toys.

She looked really good in a skirt and tight red shirt, so I followed her and caught up to her. " "I'm going to make you feel great!" Rachel moaned under her breath as she crawled up on Will, attempting to kiss his lips. Their lips parted for just enough time for Cindy to tell Mike that she wanted his cock buried deep inside her.

i said " " Yeah i kinda, i said to him maybe you are kinda cute, and we started giggling, he started to slowly move closer next to me untill he said come sit on my lap it's comfortable here, so i did and had his arms wrapped around me and slowly and softly started kissing my neck and then we started to make out and his hands we're around my vagina he started rubbing it and then my mum called asking him to pick her up we and after that i haven't seen him.

The snowstorm was, but it was a freak incident.

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Vojin 11 months ago
I don't buy that, sorry... and I'm a Christian, too.
Mektilar 11 months ago
Why can't He? He's God. He can do whatever wants.
Gardagami 10 months ago
Nope.. don't touch at all. Who wants that ick all over them.
Yozshulkree 10 months ago
That is a false statement. Perhaps you mean that the majority of scholars "whose opinion you know," say that. For you obviously do not personally know every scholar, nor do you know the opinion of every scholar. There are likely many more scholars whom you do not even know exist; and, it is possible that they have a different opinion than the one you promote.
Samulabar 10 months ago
Good. No one is going to defend this jackass.
Tojajind 10 months ago
YAY!! I saw a goal.....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it was Columbus
Kazigrel 9 months ago
You believe a snake talked? A donkey?
Junris 9 months ago
You get to decide what are scientific facts and atheistic theories? Which ones? Gravity? Evolution? Quantum Mechanics?
Dokazahn 9 months ago
Sperm only lives outside the body for about 20 minutes, which doesn't give us ladies much time to steal the used condoms and impregnate ourselves! Be vigilant ladies, don't miss an opportunity.
Dazilkree 9 months ago
Care to provide a rundown of your scientific qualifications, including education, experience, fields of specialty and contributions to mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific publications. Without these qualifications, you are in no position to opine on any scientific matter, especially evolution.
Feshakar 9 months ago
That makes sense, given your initial assumption. Do you believe evil exists? Not trying to entrap you or anything. I'm just curious to see how your cosmology holds together.
Kazizahn 9 months ago
Ignorant true. Again, you need actual citations. I've countered it with an argument that millions in America don't accept that gays can marry. Millions don't accept that women can get abortions.
Gat 8 months ago
LOL I've blocked him... TWICE because Disqus keeps UNblocking the assholes!
Gaktilar 8 months ago
No, it's not obvious at all. You're just happy with your biased result. I challenged on here for someone to find a similar case that's not against the mafia or cartel.
Juzilkree 8 months ago
The topic was world wide flood, not a small set of local floods. Because the bible claims a world wide flood, something so large all the world and mountains were under water and all animals and people not on an impossible boat died. It has nothing to do with local floods, once you go to that, you have admitted the bible is wrong on this point.
Tukazahn 7 months ago
Yup. Anyone that has ever snapped a picture, drawn their dad and mom as a kid, etc. are doomed.
Yozshukazahn 7 months ago
Only the church has a vested interest in making you think that you have a fake disease called sin, its their revenue stream that is at stake.
Miktilar 7 months ago
If we did, that's not our fault. In 2014-15 they were the #1 rated defense, and in this regular season they dropped all the way to a perfectly pedestrian #11 in the NBA.
Dimi 7 months ago
The problem is these scumbag employers who hire these illegal aliens DO NOT deduct SS or Federal taxes and submit quarterly to the Federal government. It has nothing to do with websites and you know it. The state of OH spends approximately $900 Million on support and education of illegals whether you choose to believe it or not.
Tygojinn 6 months ago
At the dump
Taudal 6 months ago
It seems to me that you're missing the point. You keep claiming that people take things like gravity on faith when in reality they accept gravity because of verifiable evidence that we all have access to.
JoJoktilar 6 months ago
"That reaction only happens when the conversation steers into disrespect, racism and being "anti-everyone else".
Goltizilkree 6 months ago
It has to do with people, the relative moral maturity of culturally evolving people, not man made tools like religious creed. Notice that all over the world the overwhelming majority of Muslims far and wide have zero interest in enslaving their fellow man?
Yojora 6 months ago
I have yet to hear a strong answer to this question that then arises: If Mary is perfect, then how did she get to be perfect? From all we know, she was born just like every other human, with a sin-nature. We know that it took a virgin birth for Jesus to enter the world as a human without sin, so did the same thing happen for Mary? And if Mary was perfect, doesn't that mean that it would be unnecessary for Jesus to come at all, because if she was sinless, Mary could have just as easily been the sacrifice for the sins of the world. I just don't understand that. I'd love it if you could explain it to me though.
Fektilar 6 months ago
"Is it really worth the risk? rejecting God out of some bias or prejudice from hearsay? or because its trendy and sociable?"
Nikozragore 6 months ago
No Mercy Golden State! Chicago Ni****'s are watching! We're watching. No Mercy!!! Make them feel you. Get the sweep.
Mikagis 5 months ago
Nope. He is in the grave if he actually existed. We know this because he said he would return in his generation and did not.
Vugis 5 months ago
Well said, Steve.
Sharn 5 months ago
How would he have participated in the ceremony?
Nikosida 5 months ago
Your argument from personal incredulity is of no concern.
Gucage 5 months ago
Curry now winning 2 rings in Cleveland, this is for you!

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