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"If most terrorist acts are by white-right-wing groups (such as for example KKK, white-supremicists, etc.) and if right-wing is typically made up of "bible-belt" Christians then, one can make the connection that this is Christian terrorism. Those who want a faith-based government, extreme strict limitations on abortion, strict laws to marriage, homosexuality illegal and punishable, all public schools focused on Christian beliefs, and a traditional culture for men, women, and children - and violently attacks other Americans because of these strong religious beliefs can be considered "terrorism" don't you think?"

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Sex was part of our daily conversation but we had never discussed sex with Bella involved. So there would be still much cum inside my cock and my balls and my brain would still be in some stadium of expecting the orgasm to continue but if I wouldn't do it myself- and I surely wouldn't- I would stay in that phase for some time.

She betrayed me for that little shit, you know, Will-" "Listen, reverend. "It's alright, but it gets very frustrating as I can never really finish myself off properly, and I sometimes want to cum so much!!" I couldn't believe it, I sat there with a shocked face, and she knew it.

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She told me that she never seemed to have a knack for picking good fruit. My meat exploded from my jeans and shorts, it was noticeably moving with the blood flow, and a little wet after some seminal fluid escaping.

"I'm confused," she told me. A massive warmness tingled flooded my body again and I burst out screaming so loudly that I thought I might lose my voice as I orgasmed for what seemed like forever.

I was pondering the concept for a few seconds when Nate screamed again. " Diamond says as Tiffany looks at my beautiful girlfriend " Easy for you to say your kid is right there.

Jessica was taking a little longer to respond to our last text. As she stood in the parking lot, she looked around to see if anyone was there who might recognize her. On the ride she notices that the lights are on in the houses they pass by, at least in a few of them.

She looked down at the trimmed hair around her pussy and thought of Julies thick bush and Timmys almost bald young pubic area. The four passenger Bell sat tied down next to the barn. She hears him say something about someone being dead. The hands were impatient.

" "God, trying to give me a heart attack?" He asks and I laugh and take another big gulp.

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Kagazshura 3 months ago
You can see Peter Damian's backpedaling here after I exposed their plagiarizing.
Gok 2 months ago
Trumptards reject the righteous for the profane.
Moogukazahn 2 months ago
of course, we don't. people don't just agree with whatever you consider 'obvious'.
Kegal 2 months ago
Yeah. Where I live, this video went viral when a tourist made a video of something that was happening behind the restaurant. And guess what? They were cutting up cats and dogs and then bringing the into the restaurant.
Vudojora 2 months ago
if god drowns babies, surely aborting them should get us into heaven
Mazuzil 2 months ago
Anything that has to do with animals hits me right in the feels. I have a couple of baby squirrels in my backyard and I was sitting in the window looking for them...
Muzuru 2 months ago
No. You switched subjects. The paper I linked you, was not about being born homosexual. It was a paper linking repressed homosexuality to homopobia. You tried to quote mined the intro summary to goalshift to a whole other subject.
Akinokree 1 month ago
The office shredders will be working overtime, too.
Faubar 1 month ago
Haha....they provide Joseph's "lineage", but Joseph was NOT Jesus' father.
Milkis 1 month ago
Yes, you did. As long as gay people play by the arbitrary rules established by society - to blend in, to not engage in sex, to actively engage in false marriages, to sublimate themselves and fade into anonymity and obscurity - then they don't have to worry about violence or discrimination or all that nasty stuff.
Gogrel 1 month ago
That isn't what you said though.
Kalmaran 1 month ago
Good luck they are not cheap anymore. I.... nevermind...
Arashilabar 1 month ago
"and what is wrong with girls"
JoJoshakar 3 weeks ago
You don't see that us paying high tariffs to Mexico could be a good thing for Mexico and it's citizens. With more money in their economy maybe so many won't have to flee their home and move here. The problem you have is that you aren't thinking objectively you are speaking from your own blind hatred even if it doesn't make any sense.
Yorr 3 weeks ago
Do you have children? If so, you have fewer options but you can at least remind him that someday they will get married and how would he want their spouse to react to the situation he is in. If you don't have children tell him that anyone willing to have an emotional affair with a married man will have an emotional affair when she's a married woman to him, too and that while its cute now when its no longer forbidden it will be dull and boring. Then go get your jush. Go find something fun for yourself. Spend money on a new style. Don't be the nagging wife. Be the "What is my wife doing that she won't tell me about all dressed up like that on a Friday night" wife. Be mysterious.
Vudok 2 weeks ago
It may be evidence against the Genesis account if the Genesis account is taken word for word literally, but not if taken figuratively. The point of the Genesis accounts is not how the world was created, or how long it took, but by Whom.
Mizilkree 1 week ago
I believe most people still think there is a God or something out there. They just don't subscribe to the church as much any more.
Zolonos 1 day ago
I have nothing to fear but thank you for your concern. :)

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