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"I see you conveniently didn?t post a single link referring to ?your explanation? of how it?s done."

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Yozshushakar 10 months ago
What do you call this religion of nonbelief?
Fenrilkis 10 months ago
Oh, so now you're referring to impeachment votes? Speaking of idiots, perhaps you would look less idiotic had you mentioned in your earlier post that that is what you are referring to. You see, The House votes all the time on lots of things---several hundred votes per year, in fact. Speaking in secret Trumpkinese code only makes your posts look more incoherent. Do better, son.
Kazim 10 months ago
You already have an insurmountable debt from the Liberals. What Ford may add is insignificant compared to what the leftists Liberals and NDP have already done. Then a leftie extremist who poses as an economist throws out a few numbers based on inaccurate data along with a click bait headline from a left wing propaganda network and we are supposed to believe it? We have already seen leftie accounting at work as the socialists at the NDP had to admit their own economic assessment of their own platform was a lie. Clearly the socialists can't add 2+2 and now want to run the province?
Dujinn 10 months ago
Yep, she noticed it at the bottom of her cup.
Akikasa 10 months ago
This is political, so Mods, feel free to delete.
Arashirg 10 months ago
It doesn't? Great! that was the point.
Tygosar 10 months ago
Macro evolution is collapsing, the Darwin of the gaps explanation simply doesn't work anymore we know too much about biology.
Moogukree 9 months ago
The guy has character.
Samuhn 9 months ago
The baker did not reject the commission because the customers were gay, but because executing the commission would be, as he sees it, against the tenets of his belief. And this POV is guaranteed sacrosanct by the oldest law of the land, the constitution.
Tagami 9 months ago
Does it? Science does not know. No proof so far that it exists. We did not have any idea about those invisible super small neutrinos until fairly recently in the game, either. Certainly lack of proof does not prove ESP or other "spiritual stuff" does not exist.
Negis 9 months ago
If God is infallible, if he's perfect, why does the Bible show him to make mistakes, to be erroneous?
Mazujind 9 months ago
You sound mad!...
Akinozragore 9 months ago
Really? What would you say the conservative stance on welfare is?
Bar 8 months ago
Thanks. I used to use this in e-mails to unsaved friends and some who I had hoped would use it for their witnessing. But they weren't into witnessing. And I've used it occasionally as the situation called for it, like this time.
Mezisar 8 months ago
Hitler was a sadistic globalist and his legacy continues to this day.
Dougrel 8 months ago
I get the point you are making. Kansas has elections and the only ones who can make a difference are the people of Kansas.

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