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"He actually showed he knew more than you. You are actually calling yourself uneducated here. Why do that?"

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"Nope. They are all smoking hot as well; I am surprised you never found out Garvet; are you losing your touch. Kayko got up and looked at me holding her ass penetrator in my hand.

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I was looking Lwrge to this. " I gotta tell you something but don't tell my mum " i said " Okay yeah tell me anything " " Well few weeks ago my mum was at work till 10 and her boyfriend was baby sitting me and we we're kinda flirting around and started asking me all this questions like if had lost my virginity " " Have you?.

It's 1:30 pm, my sleep was interrupted by my cousin sitting over my lap, she was bouncing up and down. Though I had to admit, the fantasy Ladge be pregnant with Raaj's child turned me on crazily.

Larye just hope our daddy will love me too. Supergirl's ponytail swayed as she tried to see what was happening behind her but the man throatfucking her wouldn't yield. Her voice was a little more animated then when reading the messages from my boss and she had the look of intrigue in her eyes and grin like she had just learned a juicy secret.

"I think I'm gonna pee, mommy!" "If you think you're going to, then just go ahead sweetie," I said - certain that he was on the brink of an orgasm, not on the brink of urinating. She was feeling rather horny by now and could not even masturbate in comfort; with her friends always in such close proximity.

I was thinking about a good punishment, and suddenly I had it. I wanted to taste it as well but refrained from saying anything. "I'm sorry. "How come we never did the incest thing before, baby brother?" The question wasn't a question, but rather a statement.

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Kazijinn 8 months ago
He is referring to prophesies.
Tujar 7 months ago
I still miss Darth Sidious as pope.
Mikall 7 months ago
Your God sure seems to have made a lot of these folks. Are you sure He's that bad at making breeders?
Tygoran 7 months ago
I know that Target doesn't do portraits anymore, but I was there once waiting and a woman was having maternity photos done there.
Samukora 7 months ago
The ruling lets gays and atheists turn away Christians, so not bigoted at all.
Faule 7 months ago
Of all your strange comments above...this has GOT to
Mobei 7 months ago
Im dealing with erratic emotional posters trying to put words in my mouth, losing their shit when I pose questions and being called a bigot for good measure...
Malakasa 6 months ago
Sounds a lot like the New Testament.
Mazukora 6 months ago
Or, it's been written by people in Israel for people in Israel.
Shanris 6 months ago
ooh that is pretty! also, clearly i don't know wtf a french press is bc that was not what was in my head. thank you!
Zule 6 months ago
Nope. Not quite.
Nishura 6 months ago
Yes sir. Trolling with your same bull crap.
Vunos 6 months ago
I guess so.
Moogukinos 6 months ago
Beliefs can accomplish at least two things. Beliefs can be limiting, imprisoning, or beliefs can become a springboard from which to make a leap of faith.
Mautaur 5 months ago
Ever heard of the Piraha's. Talk about ignorance. Now find out what is meant by the default position.
Zusida 5 months ago
Yep. Sure. That is why it only happened for a short time on the mountain. And then Jesus was back to His Jewish colour. But that colour is not gone. It is now on the inside of His Children as that is where Jesus is now. We call it Glory and we do experience it. It just doesn't manifest as bright as it did then. At least have not yet as far as I know. But that is not important. What is important is that the Glory of God is experienced in the inner being of His Children and part of their new Character.
Gardaktilar 5 months ago
Happy Friday Stinkerbutts! I volunteered to work this weekend. More money for whatever I need and want. At least I get to enjoy some of it before I go in. Next weekend, I'm not working because of my daughter's birthday and Mother's Day. Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow. I don't know if there will be any festivities downtown. If there is, I hope to catch it before I go to work tomorrow. Have a great weekend and watch out for the jive turkeys while doing so.
Shakatilar 5 months ago
Anti-theism and atheism are two wholly different concepts. Though all anti-theists are atheists by default. The same isn't true the other way around.
Zulkitaxe 4 months ago
That video was made by NASA. And a 1st grader could also understand, water can be suspended in formless state just like the rocks were

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