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"SoS. If you are suggesting that what you ?know? is anything like what your reading, reasoning, spelling, grammar, prevarication skills and persuasive charm then I have little interest in the ?make believe? that you claim to know."

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Veronica sauntered up to me, an excited smile on her face. And this time it was not her usual "mistress giving her slave a smile but showing him he's really just a slave" smile, it was an honest straight smile full of the deepest affection.

Feeling him cum she raised half her body from the table in a cock fucked, clit rubbed wet orgasm. " which I was more than happy to do. Chris got the girls to bed and he watched TV while I pretended to be asleep.

"Mmm anything; how about you strip me and give me some double penetration therapy". So I let her know I have to take my groceries Legby first. We had stepped over from rider and passenger to best friends that would share the most intimate details.

But I could hear the boy continue to whimper. Grammies Verna and Ellie just talked about how they'd be right up behind us in a couple days.

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Mezigul 1 year ago
I am ok with Muslims preaching about their faith. What I will not tolerate is their desire to turn our culture into theirs. We wouldn't ask or demand that all women wear a cross around their neck why would we allow for them to come here and dictate hair dress?
Mamuro 1 year ago
because everyone on the planet is a sinner, except Jesus Christ who is the Son of God and never sinned!
Ninos 1 year ago
Looking at random... you say 66 books in the Bible? Depends on whose version, I think. Also, that's simply based on the folks who determined what should go in.
Sharan 1 year ago
You are wrong. Dead wrong, at that. He declared that He let Man divorce, "because of the hardness of his heart", not because He approved it.
Milmaran 1 year ago
"At least my claim has some credence as you are insinuating Muslims are going to take over Europe as the population will grow from 8% to 10 over the next 30 years."
Karg 1 year ago
"Come with an actual argument, the government doesn't make choices there."
Shakabar 1 year ago
As was pointed out recently, religion is just behavior to the outside observer and in a society where women are equal allowing an organized group to require women to hide their themselves from others is anathema to the societal norms. This isn't America, if they want to have a national identity of gender equality they can prohibit sexist differences. If both male and female Islamics were going to be required to wear burqas it might be a different issue - but they aren't.
Nasida 1 year ago
Party foul. No one held their beer. Stupid counter!
Mok 11 months ago
And worship at a Sumerian bier.
Mikajas 11 months ago
Your idea of doing well is mass poverty and stsrvation. Spread of hate and discrimination by cultists
Kajihn 11 months ago
Sigh....I?m not OU. I have no idea who or what OU is, nor do I care much. You are just making yourself look ridiculous.
Vudomuro 11 months ago
also commonsense, a characteristic even rarer.
Faetaxe 11 months ago
You refuse to identify this person and cite any of this person's mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific writings anent radiometric dating (which have nothing to do with privacy) because you can't prove that this person exists! Your bathetic excuses ("I am respectful to them and shall continue to be"), coupled with your piddling self-aggrandizement ("Because that is who I am as a humanbeing [SIC].") expose you for the two-bit fraud you are.
Arashirg 11 months ago
You are playing word games now...that's just intellectual dishonesty.
Voodooramar 10 months ago
They would be a testifying of what God has done for them!!!! or that's what they should be a doing :) LOL!!!! Jesus is risen from the dead, and I know so without doubt about it... The Same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, dwells in me and had quickened me own mortal body ....Christ dwelleth in me. :) LOL!!!

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