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"There is absolutely no proof of any genetic factor causing homosexuality. None. Prove me wrong and show me clear evidence that shows otherwise."

Indian Bhabhi Fucked By Father In Law

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This time was a lot different, I wasn't in shock, and I was in full control. It's at that moment my office door opens as Max and Danny step in.

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Kazrajind 1 year ago
So, only "conservatives" who happen to be either Evangelical or White Catholics?
Fauktilar 1 year ago
Nope. When available, he can also borrow mine or his dads.
Gardalmaran 1 year ago
Shouldn't the law stop things that are harmful?
Kazralkis 1 year ago
Precisely. A belief in magic is nonsense.
Malara 11 months ago
You should be telling your Dutch friends what lies THEY are being told.
Kajijinn 11 months ago
My bad! You?re right I didn?t the final paragraphs. I was wrong.
Mazusar 11 months ago
You don't know that by any scientific study. Go live in the stone age like you think.
Gurn 11 months ago
My mind is open to evidence. What has been given isn't evidence. It's bad arguments that I'd have laughed at in my high school debate team.
Zulukus 11 months ago
For some reason I can't ban. Could someone else add dbag Sklifter to the ban users?
Akinokasa 11 months ago
what evidence, and what wisdom exactly are you addressing? do you mean his actual wisdom or the collection of stories sometimes referred to as the "wisdom of Solomon"? I think the question I would counter you with, is: what specifically do you think is so wise? wise beyond our current capacity?
Tashakar 10 months ago
Crying shortly after birth is instinctual in a healthy child.
JoJor 10 months ago
You ask a very good question. What will work? There's no easy answer to cover that. I can tell you this though in absolute certainty. If people are waiting for the government to fix the problem they're in for a very long wait. The government is so inept that can't even fix government. When ever they do something for the "good" of the people it always (or most always) costs us more than what we paid before. The best fix for the health insurance and health care in the USA is for government to keep their sticky fingers off of it. IMHO
Kiktilar 10 months ago
Your inability to interpret simple text is really not my problem.
Migami 10 months ago
It's the unbeatable low prices.
Shaktidal 10 months ago
Them things I listed are all part of physical urges.
Gardagar 10 months ago
Lets see, perhaps I don't view asking desperate poor people who believe in miracles to send money as a seed so that God can make miracles happen in their lives is "work".
Kazil 9 months ago
I figured, just wanted to make sure, R&I'd
Daisho 9 months ago
What a fantasy you have...
Nizuru 9 months ago
Rock, you got a thing for Trudeau. No sense in covering it up. Come out of the closet.
Kakree 9 months ago
What laws, policies etc are favoring Christians over others?
Fezilkree 9 months ago
haha nice try!
Taunos 9 months ago
Ohhhh, Common sense...Is that what I'm doing wrong :)
Kikazahn 8 months ago
Exactly: 0 means no certainty.
Fenrijar 8 months ago
Most do not believe this went down this way.
Kajizuru 8 months ago
and they say Germans have no sense of humor!!!
Meztizahn 7 months ago
Weinstein turned himself in on criminal charges this morning. Woo hoo!!!
Moll 7 months ago
me? bhwahaha youre the one that cant copy and paste a link into a comment, hows that for stupid and lazy? "plenty of stories" ...<----was that it?
Faujas 7 months ago
Taxes are irrelevant. a Flat 10% on everyone ( including Zionist operations like Amazon who pay virtually no taxes) and there would be enough taxes.
Mujind 7 months ago
There is no segregation, and there never was.
Akinogami 6 months ago
US polls are considered accurate for the nation even under 1000 polled. I once actually knew the statistics as to why they were so accurate and I am sure I can do the math again if I had to.

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