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"Sigh, the bible is myth man, just like any other myth. The bible makes magical claims, just as Norse and Greek myth do, the same kinda stuff."

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"Oh God Timmy that was shattering" she said at last "but look at the mess. And I was so aroused I felt drunk. After getting to his room I walked in slowly looking around seeing just him.

Then I saw Torre open her eyes and look scared, I asked what was wrong and she said, "She's licking my ass!" Apparently V took it upon herself to "ready" Torre as she put it. I'll be right back.

Garvet in an instant realised how stupid he was for being angry at not being able to hurt her; and decided. I told her I would find her. I also told her I was 26. I placed my hand on his and squeezed it lightly, offering a sympathetic smile.

The dress looked even better on her and the color built some fantastic contrast with her skin. What they did to those two guys was not a pretty sight to see. Kiki an American was on vacation in England with two of her girlfriends. Pump them in and out as you devour my ass, you filthy slut.

"Listen I'm going to call Roger and while I'm talking to him I want you to fuck me OK?" "OK" said Timmy without a thought. It was V that said it, "Fuck her ass!" How could I resist, and V was becoming the one in control it seemed Torre was immediately on board saying, "God YES.

He pulled back all the way and as he looked up and smiled at me, I could see the sticky, glistening precum connecting us. nt sure.

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Shaktilkree 10 months ago
I see morals as a set of standards you would live your life by, I don't pretend to own them. Frankly where the morals came from whether they were religious in origin or cultural is of no importance to me it is whether I see them as right or wrong. There seems to be this idea that morals are only for the religious, if you are not religious you can't have morals and that is BS. I am not amoral or immoral, I have a sense of what is right and wrong and I act accordingly and until I see a god I don't think they exist.
Shakat 9 months ago
Those who preach - are - indeed self promoting individuals - that claim they know anything worth understanding. The 'example' is express in the OP.
Goltizil 9 months ago
'What about the reality of the story that God immediately regrets it and promises to never do it again.'
Brarn 9 months ago
At the nail salon:
Netaxe 9 months ago
Islam is way more than the Arabian peninsula. I am not saying that they weren't war like and wanted more territory but the 18th century was not the crusades. That was the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries and the purpose was to free the Holy Land from the Muslims.
Zulkijin 8 months ago
It is the intention of moral dilemmata to have no "right" answer. It's, like someone put it, a Kobayashi Maru test, a way to think about the best decision among the bad ones.
Gogul 8 months ago
I did. I checked several. There isn't a single site that closes the gap completely or to less than 5 years.
Samugul 8 months ago
Whining? For a high IQ, your discernment skills need to upgraded.
Mocage 8 months ago
The original Commenter contacted me to say ( he/she?) deleted their own post.
Samut 8 months ago
when dd they ake out the robots?
Zulunos 8 months ago
If I don't know then goddidit is an argument from ignorance.
Bahn 7 months ago
"more plausible is environment being a factor"
Kagagal 7 months ago
Well, I can guarantee that I'll give up my seat before that becomes a reality, if it ever does at all.
Vudorisar 7 months ago
Without going to these seminars, or speaking with the pastor how are you able to determine whether it is advocacy or counseling? Are you painting with a broad brush here?
Duzahn 7 months ago
Oh god, oh god, oh god...yeeeeessss!!!!!
Zulkir 7 months ago
Yes, just like how the Jews have substituted truth with lies and wander off through falsehood after falsehood, to eventually build a monumental holohoax that has no relation to reality.

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