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"No, mine is the God of experience, not science, faith, speculation or philosophy."

Sinn Sage & Celeste Star

Story written by member - Orghs in Calgary - Bi MEN CALGARY -. After he climbed up onto the couch next to me, I began to jerk him off as well, stroking his smooth cock over and over while he sucked on mine. I dropped the keys, feeling teeth grazing against my lower lip.

Sinn Sage & Celeste Star

David began to instintively push up his mid-section, as if to meet each little down-stroke of his penis. Now my cock was filling up with blood even faster. just as my cock recoiled and fired a hige gob of hot cum into her already creamy pussy, she slammed her hot twat all the way down on my cock and squeezed her pussy around my pulsing shaft.

The cop doesn't speak English. She dipped her hand into the corset and pulled her breasts out so she could tweak her nipples until they were diamond-stiff. "So have you ever been with a girl?" I asked her.

We're having dinner, i'm sitting in between clara and her friend natalie, and her mum and chase we're sitting on other side of the table, since clara and natalie we're both wearing skirts i could easily finger both them it's been over 5 minutes now and i'm still playing and finger their vaginas and none of us on the table have actually eaten any of the food, both clara and natalie we're both trying to pull a straight face, her mum and chase we're just making out on the other side of the table.

" I laughed. Supergirl was wailing as Barry fucked her so the second cock slipped easily into her open mouth and then she was getting railed from both ends.

It all happened so innocently on that morning. I mean, I love baseball and all, but I just wanted to get to the blowjob already.

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Samulkree 1 year ago
Now, on this I absolutely agree. Pineapple has no place on pizza.
Mezik 1 year ago
Christians do not like humankind...they despise us...and themselves.
Zoloran 1 year ago
LOL. Trying to smear the attorney who's showing your false idol up for what he is?
Dabei 1 year ago
Say it! :-)
Yosho 1 year ago
I have never had a problem with creation. I surely don't understand it which is why my concept centers around a god that creates. To be, being here and now, it is the simplest answer to how we got here. I surely don't go with the 6000 years concept but with the scientific concept that is actually being able to be proved.
Zolokazahn 1 year ago
but where did this force of gravity came from , from another Big Bang again ?
Tagami 1 year ago
Possibly - seems like a Hail Mary, but sometimes they work, I guess.
Yozshulabar 1 year ago
What's the difference between church culture and shared beliefs? Some churches too "sinny"? Seems like god would have sorted them out from the herd long ago, wouldn't allow honest god loving people to be lead astray. But there stands those buildings founded on "love of jesus", right? I guess I don't get why you split hairs.
Shakalabar 11 months ago
I don't think so. In any case no one claims that evolution is purely random chance. Your problem is that you don't have the faintest idea what it is.
Motaur 11 months ago
Well fvck me, guess I'm going to the gas chamber then.
Migar 11 months ago
I was raised and baptized a Mormon, but gave it up before I hit my twenties. I had many nagging doubts about the Bible and God that no one would or could answer. Then after reading some outside material on Joseph Smith, I decided that that guy was simply a wacko. After I stopped going, it took years for them to stop bugging me, until I finally told them I would no longer allow them on my property.
Nikojinn 11 months ago
I'm glad there was still some inclusion of Diana.
Mataxe 11 months ago
Hillary is probably going to run again and since she threatened a few of the women who claimed assault it does have some bearing.
Arakree 11 months ago
Hey LeBron, have a look at the loss of fan base from the NFL for their political stunt..
Jutaxe 11 months ago
While I confess to having some difficulty comprehending your screed at times, I'm pretty sure it isn't down to my reading. Even so, I manage.
Faulkree 10 months ago
I don't think I've ever blocked a mod from any channel. I mean, that's a trip to Bannsville.
Faukinos 10 months ago
"Then why a silly assumption opposition to abortion is religious?"
Dutaur 10 months ago
I knew there was a reason why I'm so fond of you.
Dairr 10 months ago
Lol! It's rare for me to see anything worthy of an appreciative glance anyway. Not saying the guys around here are unattractive, I just don't go crazy for body parts as some men seem to. "Boobs!!!!"
JoJoll 10 months ago
I'm here because I'm looking for challenging questions to wrestle with to make my faith stronger. Simply hearing an opposition point hundreds of times isn't enough to change my mind, I have to agree with it.
Shaktisho 10 months ago
I know of many fictional things that exist in the minds of men. I can show you photos of many "magical" creatures. Not sure what you are getting at?
Tygolabar 9 months ago
I was. I referred to the sequence. I used your words. I summarized mine.
Kajicage 9 months ago
Not all SAHMs are whiny narcissists (I know many current and former ones); it's just that the whiny narcissists are the ones that somehow find time in their soul-crushingly busy days to tell the internet how hard their lives are.

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