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"There are no such things as souls fyi. Religious people post here in order to preach nonsense and in some vain way try to control the narrative to market their superstition."


Reba, the one I spanked hard the previous night had taken off her shorts and panties. I was tall, an athletic body from hiking.


All 24 bikes were occupied and there was Steve in the front row directly in front of the instructor bike. I flopped my head back.

A chill went up his spine. "Show off," Anna playfully huffed as she finally caught her breath. One of the guys feeling him up grabbed his hair and pulled his head back forcing his mouth open and then leaned closer.

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Najas 2 months ago
What are abortion rights and how do they differ from CHOICE and/or women's health issues?
Jugore 1 month ago
Ah, so a god like Ronnie OSullivan is the god of snooker, yours is a man that is a god of philosophies for life and living.
Vikasa 1 month ago
Don't lie about it. You've merely posited claims.
Nenos 1 month ago
Oh Yeahhhh!!! Pattrick Duffy was HOT when he was younger...
Gobei 1 month ago
I'm not sure you really made an argument here. At best it is "this is an alternative explanation" but that's not an argument against god. It may also be an argument against an argument for a god, but going further by saying "therefore no god" is an example of the fallacy fallacy.
Tojarn 1 month ago
There is no logic only make believe.
Zulkijind 4 weeks ago
if a bad guy goes to jail, it's a good thing.
Gak 2 weeks ago
It is more than just paying low wages to illegal alien workers Employers also can get away with not offering health insurance or overtime pay or days off or breaks during the day or have to worry about someone complaining to the authorities about working conditions. There are many benefits for a business owner to hire illegal alien labor.
Nira 2 weeks ago
He Himself, is the standard.
Doulkis 2 weeks ago
Trudeau is not French. He was born in Ottawa. That is part of Canada making him Canadian. How much more wrong can you get?
Sadal 1 week ago
And, indeed, that's what did in the Christian Crusader states. "What, work with the germans? Sod off!"
Akilar 3 days ago
Cuz it is the ?story?

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