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"Most likely not, no."


Cindy spread her legs wide and Mike bent over to kiss her inner thighs. There was a stereo built into the wall with surround sound speakers all over the ceiling. Still though, I was dying for more action, and my girlfriend wouldn't be home for a couple more weeks.


I stood there in shock as she rinsed off the soap and then turned around to face me. Some of the incubus really like to rip open new meat. She was so beautiful with her golden glow and her long, thick hair.

She ached for him inside her and wiggled and tried to get his cock in her. Easy to see why, given how enthusiatically she degraded herself on the sex tapes. She prepared us both and was working her tongue over Torre's pussy so that she'd relax and allow my cock to get inside of her.

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Tygogami 1 year ago
Next head buried in the sand retort from you?
Dusho 1 year ago
I was half way through typing my reply when the light bulb finally went on. That was good! Points!
Dubei 1 year ago
Just remember, foster care is subsidized by you, the tax payer.
Kazragor 1 year ago
You said, 'Compassion is a tenant of Christianity'.
Dait 11 months ago
It all depends on the wording of the contract. If the contract stated that the entire price would be 300 without mentioning any additional fees, then it is on the photographer, and that person deserved a scathing yelp review. If the contract clearly stated that the 300 was a deposit, and that additional fees would apply, then it is on the customer. If the deposit is listed as non refundable in the contract, unfortunately the customer is ass out.
Saramar 11 months ago
Those who are saved will be taken out before the tribulation and it does say that in the Bible. Jesus can come anytime now and many of the signs are here.
Arashijin 11 months ago
In their conquest of the Promised Land, the Israelites were confronted with war chariots equipped with iron scythes. (Jos 17:16, 18; Jg 1:19) At one point during Saul?s reign, ?there was not a smith [metalworker] to be found in all the land of Israel.? Because of a ban imposed by the Philistines, only the king and his son Jonathan had a sword; Israel was forced to take all metal tools down to the Philistines to have them sharpened.?1Sa 13:19-22.
Doumuro 11 months ago
UGH. The data says that 43% of jobs don't pay enough to be living wage.
Faelkis 11 months ago
The whole story is absurd. If this God is all powerful then he sets the rules. Yet he chose blood and guts instead of just "OK, I forgive your sins". But no, let's torture and kill Jesus because God prefers torture and death, and then Jesus is really OK anyway and did not sacrifice anything. Makes perfect sense (NOT).
Shasho 11 months ago
It's a super grey area. A teacher here in CZ turned out to have done an audition for porn. Her students found her audition tape online and it spread throughout the school. She was fired, and I support it. There's no way she'd ever be taken seriously again or respected - especially by her male students. It would've been a huge distraction within the school and would've taken ages to get past.

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