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"That is just one of several pieces to the puzzle, all making our idiot PM look even more foolish."

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I was melting over in the drivers seat watching and listening to her describe her fantasies and had for a moment forgotten about Jessica just as the next message arrived.

My wife has a wardrobe that would make the average shop jealous. After about twenty minutes, I heard the drain gurgling, and shortly thereafter he emerged from the bathroom - wrapped in a towel - and headed toward his room to put on his night shirt and get ready for bed.

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Molrajas 1 year ago
Deal with it. Signed, America
Shadal 1 year ago
What about your kinsman in Israel? The RCC has spent a lot of energy in either marginalizing or vilifying that nation. They have stirred the pot in trying to blame all the worlds problems on the Jews. When in reality, the Jews are the greatest secular people on earth.
Shataxe 1 year ago
{actually raising the minimum wage might just raise production and profits and actually result in less cost per unit of production.}
Felkree 1 year ago
Thank you so much.
Akinoll 1 year ago
I'll probably have one more discussion about the draft after I see these mid first rounders in person. Then I'm out until after summer league.
Akinot 1 year ago
No, the science supports atheism thing is a common Christian cliam.
Sajind 1 year ago
i have NEVER heard of scrotum curdleing! jeese that sounds crazy horrible..
Nihn 1 year ago
Pure, unadulterated bigotry.
Nikozshura 11 months ago
To me the important factor is to get that "power from on high".
Maucage 11 months ago
Makes me wish my dad was still alive. He was an excellent debater and researcher. He described himself as being politically "somewhere to the right of Atila the Hun" yet he had many friends that were from all over the political spectrum. One of his very left wing friends, in a eulogy piece, called my dad "The Sage" Even at 82 he was far better informed on just about any topic that would come up on any news organization you could name than the "investigative reporters" and would have a host of sources, facts, historical perspective, etc.
Nekus 11 months ago
love is meaningless to an atheist is equally absurd. that was my point. Slavery is bad because I would not want to be a slave. I would dislike it so much that I would rather die. Since I wouldn't want it done to me, it is only logical that I should not do that to someone else. And I have no fear of a god that will punish me for it......See, morality without god. It is really not that hard.
Meztikazahn 11 months ago
"Yeah no kidding. What's your point? Do you even have one?"
Mazugrel 11 months ago
There was another commented that was deleted.
Durg 11 months ago
Thank you everybody!
Kazrataur 11 months ago
That is really irrelevant. What God has said is what matters.
Mezikree 11 months ago
Paul persecuted Christians left and right before his conversion. That alone should tell you he'd "heard" of Jesus, or of his followers and the teaching if nothing else.
Dugrel 11 months ago
"Firmament" is a word used in the KJV to describe the "expanse" between earth and space, our atmosphere, the bubble we see earth surrounded by from space. At the time of translation, there was no words to accurately describe it in English and the word used "firmament" carried the thoughts of the hard shell legend used - the same legends that describes the earth on elephants standing on a turtle and that "scientists" thought contains the heavens. Wrong notions that were not supported by the Bible. (But, shhhh! don't tell anyone! They'll burn you to the stake for heresy and reading the Bible for what it SAYS and not what they tell you it says!!)
Shaktitaur 10 months ago
En. Mint is very easy to grow but I will caution you plant it in a container, it is perennial and as invasive as kudzu, houttenaya or ivy,
Malagrel 10 months ago
Don't be afraid, just tell me why you judge them to be Christians while at the same time admitting that only God can judge. How can you justify your judgement while ignoring conduct?
Goshura 10 months ago
Lighten up! :-)
Mazutaxe 10 months ago
And your list didn't exactly support what you think it does.
Jugor 10 months ago
My aren't you the crier.
Virisar 10 months ago
"The verse you chose to argue against says exactly that God's invisible qualities had an effect on reality."
Vit 9 months ago
This is the worst application of...
Tagul 9 months ago
He will question them how they (mis)treated the "Least of These"...
Zulukus 9 months ago
OMG so gross...wet hair clumps
Shasida 9 months ago
You think China is a great country?
Kazragis 9 months ago
Oh grow the F up. Are you really so insecure about your stance here that you want to join Smiley in a desperate move to bash someone's avatar pic? Its from a freaking movie that takes place in the future and its about marines fighting freaking aliens. Good grief man.

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