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"Well, according to him, he's a shining example of an American citizen, being white and all."

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GOD IM GOING TO CUM IN YOUR TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE!" He yelled out. About 5 mins later we hear a kapow and run to see that Lil Greg and Batman had played with the vacuum cleaner bag and made it explode.

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"What are you waiting for Keenan?" Peter asks and tosses him a bottle. I backed my pickup truck halfway into my garage and hung the elk from a rafter with a pulley system, to cure.

They were both huffing and puffing. But let me give you a parting gift at least" He moved down to my exposed vagina. Jo, still being a bit shy, Sucked on Torre's nipple but I could see kissing her might be a problem. I let her kiss me. He continued to slap it hard and the sound of his hand making contact with my ass made me even more wet.

" " i'll tell you late, anyway what was i saying, oh yeah, he was asking me all this questions about sex and stuff, so as me being very open i answered most of them and the question started to change about him, he said would you fuck or suck me?. I tried to regain my composure and to clarify what I meant.

" "You're not letting me here naked and go home, are you?" "I had planned something else, but that's not a bad idea either!" "Oh no, please don't.

The sound and gesture shocked Samantha. Was shae Lesbioan or just BBi sexual?. That's a good thing - not bad. John nodded, then got to his feet and walked away.

Michelle and I started to kiss again.

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Sak 1 year ago
If the universe is fine tuned for us why is 99.99999999999999999% of it fatal to us?
Darn 1 year ago
I'm pretty sure you get my point without parsing every possible conotation of every word in my comment. Nice attempt at religious slight of hand though.
Juhn 1 year ago
Yeah, sure. The majority of terror attacks have taken place in Muslim countries, it's the radical idiots that are killing their fellow Muslims. That is a very sad situation. Except for the murder on filmmaker Van Gogh, there have been no Islam related acts of terror here.
Nijin 11 months ago
I think Niamh has signed off for the night. The guidelines for starting a discussion should be found here:
Malagrel 11 months ago
Actually there is no way it would be even if all who were on were Christians. How many times have I read that "those aren't real Christians" or "true Christians don't act or think like that" . With all the hundreds of sects of the religion there would still be conflict.
Grot 11 months ago
Today 20,000 children will die from poverty and disease, 7.5 million annually, the flood was hardly trying given the population.
Doudal 11 months ago
It doesn't ignore where he's coming from. It takes into account where he's coming from.
Moogugul 11 months ago
My spammer/troll/catfish radar.
Zololkis 10 months ago
The Republi-'con' party has been fooling America's very uneducated and gullible (typical Republican voter) for a long, long time. I'm not surprised that someone would be stupid enough to "bite" on that "Gore claimed that he 'invented' the internet" baloney..... they were stupid enough to actually believe "Mexico will pay for the wall."
Mazukora 10 months ago
Convicted murderer or Christian? You can be both, but repentance is necessary, along with leaving murderous attitudes behind as you are born again.
Nell 10 months ago
Feel free to answer my questions.
Mezinris 10 months ago
Now you are going from North Korea to Iran. Looks like you are lost today.
Daktilar 10 months ago
A definition does not change based on someone's feelings or their own personal ideas. It is what it is.
Tugrel 10 months ago
the US is doing far more than "one thing at a time". these deals need to be renegotiated in a way that mutually benefits both sides.
Sasida 10 months ago
Lol. Your obvious deflection only reveals the fact you can't answer the questions, which means you're nothing more than another second hand citizen regurgitating media propaganda you don't understand in the first place. If you were the first low intellect Trump supporter I've encountered, this conversation would be much different but since you live up to your stereotype perfectly, you only reveal the fact you'll never be smarter than a fifth grader. Take a deep breath, walk into the kitchen and slam you head against the refrigerator until something useful comes out, you're obviously gonna knock yourself unconscious first, but I always like to be fair by giving you special olympics athletes a chance to embarrass yourselves. ;)
Kizshura 9 months ago
That's bend me over and f me hard for $1000, Alex?
Maugore 9 months ago
Well, that did, at least, make me smile!
Fauktilar 9 months ago
Again. You believe what OTHER PEOPLE have convinced you God said. Just let that sink in for a while, penetrate that full armor of God which is of course brainwashing. It's amazing people can convince others not to think.

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