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"I doubt it?s of concern to anyone here what you appreciate."

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Zolozshura 1 year ago
Yep, that's not love, that's coercion.
Faulmaran 1 year ago
Lol! No sympathy from me either. I think this law protects pregnant women who are murdered at shockingly high rates. Now men will think twice.
Dir 1 year ago
HUgs! No means no. Maybe means No. Perhaps means "Buy me another drink?"
Yogami 1 year ago
The mechanism is natural selection. Its a fact, but it isn't producing new splits anymore. That's a fact too. Its since ceased and evo can't figure out why. Ok...i exaggerate, its slowed waaaay down. If this is consistent, in other words, it had yo happen another way. We say...God. God put life here fully formed, with dynamic genomes. Its common descent, but not common descent all life. It stays within the parameters of kind, family. Its only a matter of time through generations that the ability through code is lost. Its common sense. Mutation build up, the big change slows down then stops. It was always bound though.
Nikok 11 months ago
Not one thousand.
Arajinn 11 months ago
Dailkis 11 months ago
En. Ok, ok, I will defer to the will of the anti spinachers.
Kajigal 11 months ago
I might agree with you on this point if mental health were treated more seriously in the U.S.A but quite often it goes completely undiagnosed.
Mezibar 10 months ago
There is no speculation as this is just historical fact of how we all got the New Testament. The scrolls that you refer to are the Old Testament. My image described the makings of the New Testamenr which is the complete story of the Spirit of the Gospel. The New Covent is the rest of the story as told by diciples and discerned by the Church.
Vogami 10 months ago
I want to say GSW will let them have this one and take it back home to violate them?
Yozshuramar 10 months ago
Then how come some have?
Tujar 10 months ago
The same constitutional reason that makes it illegal to discriminate against gay people.
Shalkree 10 months ago did I lie? Unmoral infers the subject is aware of the concept of morality just not influenced or concerned by it.
Nitilar 10 months ago
I would agree with the overall conception that God is Love and one should express Love to every-ONE.
Vurisar 10 months ago
yeah, prep time is a must. some yoga and a little weed will do ya right.
Akinor 9 months ago
Not sure why you are making a 2nd comment on a comment you already responded to and I replyed to.
Tolrajas 9 months ago
It's sad but almost every Christian church I've heard of is like that.
Shakale 9 months ago
That's what they all say.
Dajora 9 months ago
It seems odd to me that all forms of female and male genital mutilation on those who cannot consent are not considered criminal acts, and have historically not been prosecuted.
Meztijar 9 months ago
That is what is sad.
Kazicage 8 months ago
I've been having a lot of sex dreams lately. I wonder what that means? *rhetorical question*
Shaktit 8 months ago
And then the surface datasets for comparison. Note the trend lines on all these The surface data has less structural uncertainty than the satellite data, hence the tighter confidence intervals. Note that the trends agree very well with each other and even the RSS data.
Mikalmaran 8 months ago
I'm looking into the future Bunny.
Faesar 8 months ago
In bizarro world.
Mogul 7 months ago
Alcohol content my friend...alcohol content...lmao

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