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Prince albert midget tournament 2007

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953 12:069 months ago

"Business travel time. Always show up 30 minutes early."

He gets way too horny before the gym...

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Malazilkree 9 months ago
Two of CCRC I understand spoke judgementally about the Baker's faith.
Daigal 9 months ago
might especially if he wears a thong.. saw a pic that he has swirls on his tucas
Akibar 9 months ago
I?m relieved but hardly jubilant.
Goltibei 9 months ago
Think about it.
Maujar 9 months ago
OMG... Noooo. I loved her line. So sad.
Yozragore 8 months ago
I'm having a hard time following this OP. Personally, I lump all religious people together simply because they all believe in something they can't demonstrate to be true, whether they are a fanatic fundamentalist or only occasionally practices their belief. But if I'm discussing a particular part of their belief then it would only be about that one particular person, not everyone that is religious, or even of that broad religious group.
Nijas 8 months ago
Yeah, you go ahead with your focus that needs functional literacy in the Social Sciences. You just keep taking the Judeo-Christian social fabric that you live in and has made Western Society possible.
Doujind 8 months ago
Lackers do not avoid making a truth claim. At a minimum their claim is that they have reasonable evidentiary standards which aren't being met. These standards must be shown to be reasonable, else all claims can arbitrarily be rejected by unreasonable criteria, and their position would be irrational. But this only applies for those who admit they are not actually engaging the question, that they have no response to it. For them, god exists in the same degree to which it does not, and in this sense they cannot be said to be "without" god.
Akinocage 8 months ago
I realize it was Mordechai that told Esther the Kings decree & she
Molmaran 8 months ago
So that's it, they are all setups? Audience in on it?
Galabar 7 months ago
Gender equality.... you mean men can have babies? :-)
Taur 7 months ago
Lol sorry, ladies AND jDave
Kazrajin 7 months ago
What are Public Accommodation laws and why they were enacted?
Nirisar 7 months ago
That's what you elitists get for flying all over the place!
Tygoran 7 months ago
Can you point to atheist doctrine please or any characteristic shared by all atheists other than they don't believe in a god?
Kasida 6 months ago
"Remember: "Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.""
Morisar 6 months ago
I didn't say the President passes legislation. You yourself admitted that the president is involved when it comes to passing legislation into law. You admitted he signs legislation before it becomes law. You admitted he has veto power. And again, the president can also request certain legislation goes through Congress so it can become law. This is basic civics. Study it.
Zolozragore 6 months ago
Fine by me-
Tauzragore 6 months ago
Hmmm. Is Clinton still alive?
Mazubar 6 months ago
Right, you are, Debra. Obama smiled that sly grin of his several times as more and more nations "dumped" their junk steel ,aluminum and other critical products on our shorelines.
Sharr 5 months ago
You are right. Throughout history cultures have turned to A deity to explain away the things that they couldn't understand and to tell stories that explained how they got to be where they were. As things became known most cultures didn't need the deity for that purpose. Therefore there was a time when people stopped worshiping the sun god because they knew the sun always comes up in the East and sets in the West. Current religions are based mostly on life after death, a concept invented to keep people in religion in general.
Akikora 5 months ago
Physically trap, no. Emotionally and financially, it happens every day.

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