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88 12:0011 months ago

"A person with a violent criminal record can aggressively persue the competition and make them scream. A person with a recreational drug addiction should get all their time off paid with full benefits because they are victims of work place stress!"

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Gathering the blanket around she stumbled and ran. I took my workouts seriously and never looked back to acknowledge the stares I got from all the younger guys, even though I knew they were constantly checking me out.

BANGBROS - Latina MILF Maid Casandra Cleans and Fucks For Extra Cash

She was home alone in a strangers home. Just then, I feel something grab at my boxers. I've crapped all over Julies floor AND its all over me as well !" Timmy laughed "You've got my spunk dripping out of your pussy too" he said "FUCK that was something !!" Julie had woken up and wandered in to Stockigs what was going on.

I'm married. They pair burst into riotous laughter.

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Mitilar 10 months ago
Do tell, what kind of collaboration has resulted from your retina looking inside your skull?
Mijin 10 months ago
You're a only speak swingbladery!
Tuzragore 10 months ago
I had my choices in life and I took the most stable and lucrative one available.
Matilar 10 months ago
good sounds... good time. I am glad you had fun.
Fenrikinos 10 months ago
Sure I do. It's your orange manbaby who doesn't have the knowledge that a grade schooler has.
Vujas 10 months ago
That is okay just two idiots talking to each other, the trump and the trudeau.
Dijind 9 months ago
Now you've done it!
Taulkis 9 months ago
I agree that doesn't preclude a Creator. I hoped I'd made that clear in my OP.
Kalkis 9 months ago
Does the sun shed light? Shed...??
Gozilkree 9 months ago
I had a father that landed on Omaha Beach on D Day that threw one of my school books out the door when he saw someone had drawn a swastika on it
Yozshuran 9 months ago
I can't hear you as I've been suddenly taken by the Holy Rapture of Jesus Chrites. You clearly didn't get the meaning of my last note.
Negis 9 months ago
It's too late to run against Obamacare. Republicans ran against Obamacare for 6 years, and when they had the chance to repeal it they did nothing and haven't even looked at it in nearly a year. They wouldn't even give Trump the same repeal bill they put on Obama's desk in 2015. At this point, any mention at all about Obamacare is a loser for Republicans.
Nara 9 months ago
Not an atheist but Your right to swing your arm ends at my nose.
Mirisar 9 months ago
More evidence that the Bible was written by men, for men (and women, who ranked one rung of the ladder up from the amoeba). ??
Kazrale 8 months ago
"In your ignorance about what homosexuality is you are being bigoted and hateful. Your own words above convict you of such."
Kazrakazahn 8 months ago
Doesn't your Bible tell you how much time there was between the Kings?
Vucage 8 months ago
OK then, replace the word 'god' that I wrote with the 'GOD' that you wrote and then respond.
Shaktihn 8 months ago
Also, why do I remember the Mustang being blue?
Tuktilar 8 months ago
i also prefer the first one
Kagagrel 7 months ago
Khadr was a 15 year old at the time he allegedly chucked a grenade while buried and injured in the heap of rubble in which he was discovered a minute(?) later.
Kajilkis 7 months ago
look at what the "First and the Last" is pointing to. The First (the beginning) and the Last (the end).
Tojalkree 7 months ago
And both those are about how God knows every aspect of a person's life before they are even a gleam in our father's horny eye, i.e. the godhead knows which fetuses will go to term and not from the get go. That is a reason for accepting the Abrahamic traditions and makes since since there are more silent miscarriages than there are abortions - neither of them are 'en-souled' since God knows which ones are going to go to term before the ovum is fertilized.
Mom 7 months ago
Since you can't show that your religion is in any regard this truth, then it is your opinion.
Shakajar 6 months ago
And that stops you from getting an education, keeping yourself from getting pregnant or impregnating someone, staying out of jail how?
Gardazragore 6 months ago
>>"This case was hand picked by SCOTUS in the midst of other requests."<<
Samutaxe 6 months ago
Josephus was born in 37 AD. Jesus died around 33 AD.
Faeshura 6 months ago
No fence yet, one of my projects when I get there. It's a small town, but my house is in the middle of town so full time goats is out. Also, too many dogs. Maybe if I get some border collies :)
Mishicage 6 months ago
So you say. As for the wafers, that is Catholicism, which is not Christianity.
Tausho 5 months ago
You can't start a new religion thingie without first setting up the financials. You need a "go fund me" account, a CC processing set up, and some social media presence.
Samusida 5 months ago
Dont hurt yourself
Tell 5 months ago
That is annoying. Then the hand dryer blew fecal matter everywhere.
Vile 5 months ago
We'll never know: big wars occur for various occasional motives.

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