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"my son was yard sale-ing today with his girlfriend (what a nice guy!), and happened to find a 25-year old, unopened copy of the board game "risk". he's hoping to resell it."

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" I heard him laugh as I hurried to the woman's locker room. "Hey, Nate," I said, walking back into the living room. Dad?" "Yeah, in his good years.

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Tetaur 1 year ago
Lol, you are so confused. You have no clue what we are even talking about or which conversation you are in right now.
Vigrel 1 year ago
I did read it. Mostly interesting and informative.
Zulrajas 1 year ago
Yeah, that was unfortunately the only pic in this article that I could use for the discussion.
Dill 1 year ago
Thank you for answering! :)
Tygogrel 1 year ago
Why do Arabic Christians call God Allah?
Nigul 1 year ago
I'm in the wrong career!
Yot 1 year ago
Don't you understand i'm answering your question?
Bajora 1 year ago
just nuts? So you're saying I still have a chance to get to heaven?
Gucage 1 year ago
Well you see how do I know it?s yours
Tejas 11 months ago
It happens on a supernatural level......You nor anybody else can stop it.
Fekazahn 11 months ago
Sin is a made up offense against a god. Since there are thousands of different organized groups of believers, the list could pretty much include anything a human is capable of doing.
Mazujin 11 months ago
Agreement would indicate being able to choose and we all know how that worked out for "the Angel Of Light"
Tojacage 11 months ago
You have even cited the evidence

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