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"What the crap is Greece online?"

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Zujora 1 year ago
No, it's not okay, because she is a human being. You're the one who thinks it is okay to enslave her. . . Apparently, the only thing stopping you is fear of going to jail for it. That's beyond mere hate.
JoJojora 1 year ago
Try in perception as an explanation. Do you really want a sound bite about a complex historical situation? Sure, simplify it to being pointless and offensive.
Braran 1 year ago
So in a sense, nothing is 'sacred' when it comes to religious harassment and agression ?
Kalabar 1 year ago
There should be a tax on all all computer and robotics-related enterprises.
Yozshuhn 1 year ago
Ditto for Virginia Tech shooting.
Malakus 1 year ago
?You?re special... just like everyone else.?
Aragal 1 year ago
A year ago I got to see Art Garfunkel give a performance, it was really cool!
Dousar 1 year ago
Just ask those whose family members were butchered by MS-13 gang members and what they did to them. They don't just kill they gang rape, dismember, torture and in one case they removed their heart. A lot of them came through immigration as DACA because a lot of them are teenagers and younger. They are animals
Bataxe 1 year ago
One is selecting, the other is opting for an internship
Akinogor 11 months ago
No they were Democrats. I didn't forget a debunked narrative that never happened.
Kasida 11 months ago
she did win the popular vote and it still drives the Orange wonder nuts !
JoJogrel 11 months ago
I'm wondering if he remembered to have her sign off on the district-mandated B-1734AL - Consent to Consensual Sex form . . .
Memi 11 months ago
Of course you do. You watch a lot of Fox.
Kagajin 11 months ago
Please, tell me how knowledge gives us many ways to do right. What is 'right,' what is 'wrong?' How did you come to understand these things; where did your morality come from?
Mausho 10 months ago
And apples to oranges.
Kagakinos 10 months ago
Google Kiim Kardashian porn videos. I got "About 13,900,000 results (0.37 seconds)" so maybe not. I guess a was wrong almost 14 million times.
Momi 10 months ago
The guy in Texas and I are pretty close, because back when we were younger, he had a drug issue and mental health issues to deal with. I like to think I made him feel like he wasn't garbage, like most of the rest of the world did.
Grojin 10 months ago
There was never such a rule (afaik). The rules concerning links in OPs are: don't encapsulate them in HTML-tags (so the source is clear at first sight), don't link to other discussions (no "drive-by" OPs), don't make the contend of the link the entire OP. An OP should be clear without external information. Who wishes so can use the link but it shouldn't be "required reading". And last but not least: don't try to use an OP to promote your (or your friends) blog. This and dubious sites that trigger the virus scanner will get your OP removed, the other offences may just end in a request to reformulate, all at the mods discretion. Not all of these rules are in the book.
Kajigore 10 months ago
You said that faith is "believing something to be true". How can you claim something is true, and not claim knowledge it is true?

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