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Kiki loved this time of year; it was early fall and some of the leaves were just changing colour.

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Tojasida 11 months ago
Considering 4 teenagers, my rented truck and some beer
Zoloshura 11 months ago
Breathe what? Does God have lungs? You seem to be heading towards a very small view of God - something like the Greeks had of superhumans on Mt. Olympus.
Kaganos 11 months ago
There has never been any evolution whatsoever.
Kajirn 10 months ago
Or we could cut 400 Billion from illegals and give to our own ....
Vujinn 10 months ago @$$ on the toilet!
Faetaur 10 months ago
Flailing....try reading for comprehension as well
Mujar 10 months ago
Many of those are only paid living expense as well. Personally I do not think that anyone should end up impoverished, especially not for upholding sworn obligations or oaths.
Samujind 10 months ago
You are correct about the confusion.
Vuran 10 months ago
Same problem with Christians, before believing something they find silly they want some proofs, not for their god however, there is enough parents believe. :-)
Tezragore 10 months ago
a new way, and how is that ? the NFP and the U3 thru U6 unemployment rate are complied by the BLS, today under Trump as they were, the same way under Obama.
Togore 10 months ago
Considering that Conservatives ALWAYS promise to not cut jobs, but always do I would be inclined to not believe them in that regard. Not that I am saying there is no room for cuts. Just saying that Conservatives cannot be taken on their word regarding no job cuts.
Grozil 10 months ago
combination of you sick and him clueless. not totally clueless, he can see you are feeling unwell and knows there isn't much he can do. it probably hasn't occured to him that just speaking the words can be helpful. i know this because i have been guilty of it in the past.
Moogutaxe 9 months ago
No i didn't miss the point. I just choose to comment on that topic instead.
JoJozshura 9 months ago
These are really good too
Yozshuzshura 9 months ago
George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin were no fools. :-)
Tygot 9 months ago
Well, yes there is ONE who did just that in the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ.
Shahn 9 months ago
Discriminating against human being for the inherent difference of not being heterosexual is absolutely homophobia.
Malagami 8 months ago
You?ve made my tree sad and it?s going to cry now
Kenos 8 months ago
Rob? Who mentioned Rob? Why, I believe it was you.
Kazrahn 8 months ago
I'm an atheist but I'm not a feminist, or a statist, or a collectivist, or a hedonist. I wonder what else you're wrong about.
Tum 7 months ago
Yes, its not Sharia law that concerns you, because no country that does not want that legal system need adopt it, but Muslims, their way of life that you fear. Like I originally suggested. Shouldn't we have much more fear of countries with dozens or hundreds of nuclear weapons pointed at us? Just a few weeks ago Putin was on TV showing video enactments of their new more powerful nuclear bombs hitting Florida (it wasn't Maralago, it looked like he was targeting Sarasota.^). The POTUS was threatening to nuke North Korea. And you fear Sharia law?
Bragul 7 months ago
I answered your four questions, then the next several sets. Your denial of this is -- faith based reality denial.
Zulusida 7 months ago
good picks big Dan, I personally stay away from faith discussions completely because they tend to devolve into arguments on semantics. if we aren't even discussing the same definition of faith, it would be irrational to label it at all, so I try not to. I don't like your second one either, but it becomes infinitely better if you replace proof with evidence, in my book.

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