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"You keep denying their is a flaw despite being shown the flaw many times. The issue is with you."

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She decided to go to her room and shut herself in. He told her to spread her legs, and he got off her, the blade still pressed to her throat.

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Vkdeos really didn't want to conversation going on with Kelli in the middle.

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Dushakar 1 year ago
The Vatican is going to move to the U.S.
Mikara 1 year ago
No, I'm talking about Christian politicians, and legislation. You always seem to think it's all about social behavior, and getting along with each other. You never have anything to say that's actually relevant.
Tesar 1 year ago
What does this have to do with Monica Lewinsky's apology?
Kazuru 1 year ago
One. No competesion. Natural is complete his. Help yourself. It see, how ., thank
Telmaran 1 year ago
Let me know when you find out why there is something rather than nothing.
Shakazuru 11 months ago
Big, huge maybe.
Yogrel 11 months ago
As we would expect them to do. Which is right.
Karg 11 months ago
Glad you are OK!
Faek 11 months ago
That is backward man.
Tukora 10 months ago
Well, is there a problem?
Yozshukus 10 months ago
Yeah...thanks- it will take a lot of time to get this stuff together-
Gazahn 10 months ago
Propofol makes my tongue foreign.
Fenos 10 months ago
And just why does religion have to be altruistic?
Tojacage 9 months ago
Wrong. expecting trump to fail is not the same as wanting america to fail.
Arazshura 9 months ago
1,000 year gap between what and what?
Kagagami 9 months ago
Absolutely! and I'm not suggesting an individual do so. It would need to be a concerted effort and clearly impossible! As a matter of fact, what I'm suggesting is exactly why there are so many denominations. Each group believes things differently, meet and form their own groups
Misho 9 months ago
Way to contradict yourself.
Kajind 8 months ago
But you can't live in your safety net.
Mohn 8 months ago
I did not know that.
Mikalkree 8 months ago
That's the point.
Melar 8 months ago
The Tangerine Turd is a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, pathological lying sack of bullshit. Those who support him are no better than him.
Zulull 8 months ago
Sorry, but your answer fascinates me more each time I read it.
Sharisar 7 months ago
Annette: you do not know your Torah. Abraham was blessed, and the wording He used when doing so, was "wealth", including health as well.
Mezijora 7 months ago
So just the 'prove it' game using fancy sounding language then?
Mezijas 7 months ago
So, which do you have? An opinion based upon your preconceived desire for what you wish something to be about, or that opinion based upon a sound foundation - factual context?
Tat 7 months ago
What link do you think I owe you?
Tusar 7 months ago
Yes, I have. To me, Carrier's arguments sound appealing the first time you hear them. But once you dig deeper, you realize that he is wrong.
Taugor 6 months ago
So very true!

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