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"Our most Christian President:"

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But the other end turned into a bending U with a ball at the end. "Oh Raaj" I breathed heavily.

I found my suit and headed over there. I held on tight and could not let go. Although, she was also the girl that told me anal was the equivalent of heaven. " I teased. she said " " Have you lost your V Showtome.

"I know what you mean.

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Tojalar 1 year ago
Sorry? Are you talking to me? Did you find someone who got orders to murder the unborn from God so quickly?
Temi 1 year ago
yesterday a simple question was posed to a left wing screwball. Do you think crossing the border undocumented into United States is illegal. Reply their humane beings. That's not the question are they illegal. Answere no they are human. It's sums in up in a nutshell this is what your dealing with.
Maugore 11 months ago
Here's one for you Mo' Only 112k. over 3000 sq ft on 1/4 acre.
Voodoozil 11 months ago
People will get rid of it by not doing it.
Mizragore 11 months ago
Get you own material
Fekinos 11 months ago
They didn?t. They spewed crazy shit and then fanatics like you cherry pick their insane ravings.
JoJorn 11 months ago
Very well put
Basar 10 months ago
The adjective "natural" is superfluous, redundant.
Tojajind 10 months ago
That's all they are. You lost, but you get trophies.
Doulkree 10 months ago
Of course, it all depends on what definition of "God" you want to use.
Vuzshura 10 months ago
You got documents to prove you have rights from God. Otherwise you are an undocumented citizen of the USA. Like the rest of us.
Garamar 10 months ago
Proverbs , huh?
Juzilkree 10 months ago
Is that all that you left of them?
Bagar 9 months ago
Asked why I bought a Nissan over any other domestic car... simple... in the 12 years Ive had the Nissan not ONCE has the check engine light come on.
Gull 9 months ago
You should read my OP's
Gardanos 9 months ago
Thank you for the background.
Fenrizahn 9 months ago
No lying here. You are obviously one of those so intent on attacking Christianity that you swallow whatever someone claims about being a Christian, either about themselves or others, with complete disregard of their conduct. Go your own way.
Zolokus 9 months ago
And yet you can't show why it's a "ploy". Colored folk had to drink out of separate water fountains. it was the same water. They maybe just had to walk a little farther to get it.
Zulkim 8 months ago
That really made me think..??

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