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"Nope, that is breaking the law. They should be prosecuted."

Riley Reid - The Masseuse

With his left hand he reached up under my shirt and started to work my erect nipples. This shot waves of pleasure and desire throughout Cindy and she let out a light moan of pleasure.

Riley Reid - The Masseuse

As Samantha went amongst the many men looking at magazines on racks, I bought a ton of video booth tokens, hoping for the best.

He did not really understand English but he understood when she said she wanted help. His mouth felt wonderful as he took turns exploring my nipples with his tongue. I could feel myself getting wet, and I knew I'd crossed over a line I shouldn't have, but I just couldn't help raio.

I remember.

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Zolonris 1 year ago
Peepal ar dum
Mikajar 1 year ago
The God of this world , "Satan," is responsible for all forms of death on mankind. Satan is the one who deceived Adam and Eve! :)
Sakora 1 year ago
"You are very much saying that everything that has already happened has or had (doesn't make sense either way) a 100% of occurring."
Viramar 1 year ago
Don't feel bad, most of us can't either.
Meztilrajas 1 year ago
You post a lot in your own OP. Are you afraid of Free Speech?
Kazigrel 1 year ago
Queer [eye for the straight guy, etc.].
Yozshukasa 1 year ago
There is no bias. There is no evidence. Why would anyone add a variable based on zero evidence?
Meztirisar 1 year ago
More cheerleading for the Ford family.
Sagor 1 year ago
Of course those who picket may be more devout in their opposition but the number of protestors is so small it doesnt begin to reflect the reasons behind the millions upon millions who oppose abortion.
Vor 11 months ago
Argumentum ad verecundiam.
Vuhn 11 months ago
well, he was either wise, incompetent, or groping out for any solution
Samujinn 11 months ago
Lol they are.. everything in the park is. I'm just saying if given the choice of a park, I think the last thing I'd want to do is hunt them. I'd be more interested in like... being like Mogli [sp] and seeing if they could join me in song and dance. We'd be walking along the park all: "Hakuna Matataaaaa..."
Doubar 11 months ago
It's fun because "he hires only the best."
Telkree 10 months ago
way?yo?w?res is singular?
Marg 10 months ago
I leave the closet jokes to OU or whatever sock he inhabits these days. :) This immense collapse of the OLP rests entirely on Wynne's shoulders. No one else's. This will unfortunately be her legacy.
Arasida 10 months ago
Nonsense. Provide proof, and you'll be believed. But since there has never been any proof, or even evidence....there simply is no reason to believe claims that are patently outrageous.
Faubar 10 months ago
Who is in charge of creating a dumpster fire thread today?
Garr 10 months ago
I don't think science says so. At least it would be wrong to say it
Zulusar 10 months ago
Seriously? It?s like meeting someone who thinks Dumbo was real, or that the Geico gecko exists.
Faulrajas 9 months ago
To me, this question was the same as asking:
Mikadal 9 months ago
As I said in the News Channel, I guess the dude will bake cakes for liars, thieves, adulterers, etcetera but not for gays. Seems sensible and honourable to me. (sarc)
Mikadal 9 months ago
I?ve got me figured out. Decisive in the relationship. Totally laid back among friends
Tajas 9 months ago
I believe that Matthew and Thomas were there. You may disagree, but you still did not address my point. Evidence may only be refuted by counter-evidence. The gospels and the existence of Christianity are evidence for the existence of Jesus. Offer better evidence for his non-existence if you wish to demonstrate it.
Volkis 9 months ago
Not if He still has holes in His hands and feet.
Tojacage 9 months ago
yes you can, since it was at that number existed BEFORE he took office. wow ! the FED stopped QE in Oct 2014 having initiated the program in Q3 09' that's not 7 years ! and why the low rates, simple to simulate the economy, making it easier for companies to borrow money and to increase the value of equities helping those folks survive until they found employment. Never achieved ? see chart. the recession the ended because of his and the Dems efforts to put a floor under the economy (with little help from the GOP) more nonsense from you, his policies returned the economy to pre bubble levels (would you like to review the indexes, come on back ?) As for the great society, the GOP also voted for those laws, and the poverty rate is much lower, get real ! who knows what McCain or Romney would have done, for sure you don't know ! So explain how Obama DID NOT kick start the economy, this should be good. Here's an idea think a bit on the number of jobs saved or added for just one massive bridge project, under the ARRA
Gakasa 8 months ago
Who the hell drinks coffee at 6am?
Faugrel 8 months ago
1) The Jewish Bible contains the scapegoat, but it also - as I've mentioned three times now but you're ignoring - contains many anti-sacrifice texts.
Kadal 8 months ago
Truth is relative and subjective to the individual. That is an opinion, not a fact. Kierkegaard said
Dotilar 8 months ago
We're in the market, but thinking how we can get our kids into anything. They're never going to leave now! LOL
Nenos 8 months ago
Spare us the philosophy!
Gardagrel 7 months ago
Christians used to believe slavery was quite moral. They would actually argue they were doing a favor for the enslaved.
Kagacage 7 months ago
Dont you mean everyone on every channel he been to
Nelmaran 7 months ago
"We are totally cool, bring your family and skills. We wont kill you for picking the wrong brand of religion. Every hear about utopia? That's us bro"
Tygolkis 7 months ago
So does leftism and the Democrats.... good for the goose an all.

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