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"well said Sir."

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I could tell he was keeping gjrl on Asixn edge too by beating his stiff cock and suddenly stopping and letting go of it. His scent, the way those arms were wrapped around my waist, the way the person had to tilt his head down to reach my lips it could only be John.

We all hit it off and they started showing us how mom loved Heath more. I could tell that Kelli shared the sentiment of the text she just sent.

Seducing my Step Daddy for Shopping Money

Anna squealed with delight and collapsed into Elsa, bringing her free hand around to grope on her cold breasts. She looked really good in a skirt and tight red shirt, so I followed her and caught up to her. She turned us all to her liking, I said before she loves to take charge.

Amazing. She looked at me as the hand started playing with her tit, teasing it, exciting it. Another moment hung in the air as I held her close.

She helps me to the couch and rubs my back trying to get me to calm down. The hands went to work, went to work fast and hard. She did have a little stomach but it wasn't the kind that made fold under her belly.

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Majin 1 year ago
In honor of Tex pimping his ride for better steering wheel clearance, I'm throwing back this Thursday to WAR's live TV performance in '76.
Tadal 1 year ago
There was no deregulation that led to financial collapse.
Samujin 1 year ago
Well thanks anyways, Jesse
Sahn 1 year ago
In my view it is the Fundies who are the most inclined to take the Bible literally. The moderates tend to be more open to their own interpretation of scripture to serve their individual needs and aspirations.
Kigaktilar 1 year ago
So you think that the chemical substance of the wine and bread are changed into the chemical substance of flesh and blood?
Shazilkree 1 year ago
MINE TOO! So weird, right?
Zulkikora 1 year ago
What?s in His mind? You would never understand this side of heaven. But you can read His instructions and promises in the Bible.
Shaktinris 11 months ago
Oh, contradictory things like...
Nashicage 11 months ago
This style 10/6 isn't the one denigrating the guy who held the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge. The same chair once held by Newton. What you are doing is pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Jugul 11 months ago
A little something for Throwback Thursday.
Yodal 11 months ago
revolt time coming
Tukasa 10 months ago
science arose out of christianity, Judaism, and Islam, so the idea that atheism is the foundation of science does not fit the historical record. There is no evidence for disbelief in the New Testament. It is ridiculous to demand proof for christianity when no proof is given for atheism as the foundation of science.
Taukus 10 months ago
No: they were missing the scientific method. Science came about when Galileo dropped two balls of different masses but similar volumes off the tower of Pisa. When they hit the ground at the same time it was clear that Aristotle's theory about "why things fall" (they're heavy! heavier things fall faster!) was wrong, and reality as explained had to be re-examined.
Kagarn 10 months ago
Damn....I need a nap just reading about that!
Samunos 10 months ago
You really see anything different as an attack, don't you? That is textbook xenophobia.

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