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"I should grow those MF'ers to kill the rats in my hood."


I moaned. Even though she was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt she could walk down the street and turn heads.


She said, "Oh, am I ever glad that you woke up. " " i'll tell you late, anyway what was i saying, oh yeah, he was asking me all this questions about sex and stuff, so as me being very open i answered most of them and the question started to change about him, he said would you fuck or suck me?.

I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water to see Troy sitting at the dining room table, he stood Diid when he saw me. It was already 6 pm and we we're watching tv, her mum doesn't come home till next day she stays overnight at her boyfriends house.

But now we were here, parked, ready to go inside. I love autumm. He probably assumed I had my male lovers, and I did not mind the whores he fucked so long as the world didn't find out. I felt my penis getting forced down her slander and Djd small tears watering her eyes.

No nick under her collar bone, nor was her throat cut. " He says as the bottle comes back blixs to me. She is your daddy's little girl. I normally undressed there, leaving all of my smelly clothes outside.

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Dotaur 9 months ago
Getting too frisky with the missus will do that. ;)
Mezit 8 months ago
I think heterosexuality is the norm (in a mathematical sense, as in "the majority"). I would assume that's something more than just a "cultural norm," and think most would agree, whether they are a believer (or not) in God a/o evolution. Point being, even LBGT peeps often say sexuality is more fluid than most people think.
Shalrajas 8 months ago
And how is that working for the plight of Mexicans, Indians, Venezuelans, Chinese, and everyone else we give a pass to that we signed trade deals with? Oh yeah, we don?t care about them, but we brow beat the US because Trump is untasteful.
Kazrahn 8 months ago
I am no computer wiz. I have nothing to counter point this web site.
Moogukazahn 8 months ago
Forming an answer doesn't have to involve crunching data. Some answers come instinctively based on what you are taught growing up. It doesn't have to be religious teaching. It could simply be learning from observation, like a child watching their parents behavior.
Tojinn 7 months ago
You'll get over it.
Mikajin 7 months ago
Didn't watch it. I wasn't in the mood to wake up that early.
Ket 7 months ago
You already know the answer.
Vocage 7 months ago
But it's discrimination in the name of religious freedom, so that's ok, right? Right?! I'm kind of tired of hearing him bash ANY press that doesn't agree with him, too. He's trying to get us to lose trust in the press that opposes him, so we don't believe them when they post stuff against him and his cronies.
Shagami 7 months ago
No argument there, but that never happened. So they were always doomed.
Daikora 6 months ago
Never understood "follow Jesus" what does that actually mean? I'd like to know.
JoJonos 6 months ago
If our physicists are correct and beings like ourselves can create universes, I would figure most universes with life were created by beings in universes with life since the odds of getting the golden life figures are very low randomly so 90% or more
Juzil 6 months ago
Let's see if we can mix him up with his different accounts.
Samunos 6 months ago
I should get myself one of those >.<
Kagul 6 months ago
It simply did not fit me, I could not worship the god of the bible. I found him immoral , I also clashed with the very fundamentalist ideas the faith pushed around here. Pre internet days for me, so at the time I lost my faith, I did not know there were less, backward branches . Don't think it would have mattered in the long run s I spent some years researching denominations, mythology and religions.
Megul 6 months ago
It was the only reason why TFCC started this topic,
Zulkitaxe 6 months ago
If you have a large enough gullible congregation you're OK.
Shara 5 months ago
We understand that you're trying to prove your righteousness and nobility by blaming culture, government, and anything else besides race that you can think of, but you're wrong and even you know it. You're not fooling us any more than you're fooling yourself, so just stop lying to yourself - and us.
Grokree 5 months ago
""The ONLY way to even be remotely assured is to follow the Bible.""
Shaktihn 5 months ago
Biologist, Stewart Newman
Majora 5 months ago
The assumptions are aimed at entire groups and falsely represent the truth.
Mule 5 months ago
Making the point you aren?t feckless c nts like the current Republicans in Congress
Yolrajas 5 months ago
I think Yvonne summed it up well. A glance, but not gawking or doubletakes. You have self-control, right? Some people choose not to use it. It's like when a child sees someone different, and stares and their mom or dad says (hopefully) stop staring, it's rude. It's like, "act like you've been somewhere," as my dad used to say. You have seen women before, right? ??
Taulrajas 5 months ago
Hopefully she will change her mind. One thing is clear she must be having a hard time

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