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Kaganos 10 months ago
You find out it's my birthday, how do you make my day special?
Nikonos 10 months ago
Forget your appeals to authority. Outside of the Bible there's not a shred of evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed. The elephant in the room here is the fact that none of the supposed disciples are mentioned by a single historian either. No mentions of Paul preaching from Mars Hill or anywhere, no mentions of Peter bringing new doctrine to Rome no mentions of any disciples suffering for their faith or being martyred. We know the entries in Josephus were put there by the Church, Eusebius the infamous liar and church "historian" because had they been there Origen would surely have mentioned them in his arguments with pagans. It's the greatest story ever sold and all you have to support it is long debunked arguments and not a shred a of evidence.
JoJosida 10 months ago
While "moral" and "legal" may not have the exact same meaning, there are similarities between the two.
Shaktizahn 9 months ago
Some priests are evil, but most are okay dudes. So I've heard. How do you know god doesn't exist? No one has ever proved it.
Fektilar 9 months ago
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Why yes, divisive. Very, very divisive. But I bet you would have agreed with Matthew McLaughlin right?
Barisar 9 months ago
Or the peer-reviewed scientific research that fire alarms work.
Malazuru 9 months ago
I?ll bet my parents didn?t think so! They were probably saying oh gosh we have to listen to her singing again???? We should have gotten her singing lessons !! Oy vey!!
Tara 9 months ago
Pardon, but Ive never said "Christians cant be liberal or progressive"
Shaktishakar 9 months ago
What is faith?
Nabar 8 months ago
It's her (screwed up) way of reminding you (or assuring herself) that even though she's been gone for 2-1/2 months, she's still needed.
Garisar 8 months ago
Ikr. Teenagers starting families and running estates. We grow up so much slower, or not at all.
Daizuru 8 months ago
Hey yo pariah ! I got your masters hanging right here!
Guk 8 months ago
You quoted a Wikipedia article, but either didn't read past the first sentence or you are intentionally attempting to misled your readers, because later on in the very same article it contradicts your claim that it somehow invalidates evolutionary gradualism.
Vular 8 months ago
Now you're making stuff up. There is noway you could project so much misery in your on life.
Kakinos 7 months ago
people can have 2 passports
Femi 7 months ago
People are people. There are some who are right fighters and even if they realize they are wrong will NEVER admit it. They would rather go on defending their stupidity to their dying breath. What can you do?
Arashile 7 months ago
No. I'm saying your question appears to be a straw man put forth in some unsophisticated attempt to rationalize an apparently misguided perception that Christians are somehow unfairly persecuted... But, if you can point me to a particular forum where atheists in general can't distinguish a fundamentalist from a moderate in any religion, let alone compare and contrast them to one another and I can see that evidence for myself, then I might be compelled to acquiesce to your point of view.
Voodoor 7 months ago
Luxury Law did his thing.. I love Zendaya's look. I would like Ariana's better if she GOT RID OF THAT DAMN PONYTAILLL
Shaktizilkree 7 months ago
so,, from a guy perspective..
Voodoozshura 7 months ago
I was right then, a logical fallacy.
Arashit 7 months ago
So you post a lie, I post the truth and it Hasbara... ok, I can live with that.

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