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"Your one-note comments are so adorable."


After I was done, she thanked me and went her way. "Close your eyes. Now Kelli is one of those women that men admire from the time you meet for the first time.


It wasn't her first kiss but it had to be her best. She started moaning. I wonder why he didn't want to help me surprise his other mother. Certainly not Frank Jackman and his disgusting company.

I pulled into the parking lot and took one last look at myself in the rear view mirror.

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Mikagis 9 months ago
idk wtf is happening in that gif, but I'm intrigued....
Duzragore 9 months ago
I think all the tax breaks for non-profits, including churches, should be done away with.
Yorr 9 months ago
All text is man-made (or computer generated) as far as I'm concerned, until somebody demonstrates that something else can put words together.
Samukora 8 months ago
Wow , 91 , you are soooo blessed to have had your Daddy so long . I lost both my parents by the time I was 30 , Give him an extra kiss from me .
Akijin 8 months ago
This is because Trump works only for big business and is a racist.
Mekree 8 months ago
1) Homosexual activities CAN be forgiven.
Nesida 8 months ago
Are you generalising because youve met others that claim to have Zoe cells and they have died before the average life expectancy? Or, are you just being ignorant.
Doll 8 months ago
Thank you very much for doing that. I really appreciate it.
Faekinos 8 months ago
Good use of "ordain" as a verb.
Takinos 7 months ago
The world's largest chain of FOR PROFIT abortion mills strikes again.
Yobar 7 months ago
I called it. Kim Jong "June" was a bust the second they failed to coin the hashtag.
Nikogor 7 months ago
He always was. He created time and is not bound by it.
Samukazahn 7 months ago
imagine being a creator, and boss of everything.. consider what you are saying. That you would like to spend all eternity fighting the flames of Hell , than to be with the creator of the ends of the earth and all that there is , including even you!!!
Voramar 7 months ago
Yes that would be convenient. There are similarities. But then there would be when you are talking about gods and the period of time that has elapsed. Apparently people have a similar god concept and an idea of how a god is supposed to work. So we do have that in common.
Doubar 6 months ago
FWP......FWP...Fun with peanuts?
Maurn 6 months ago
No loop, G-D didn?t write it, only the two tablets Moses brought down from the mountain and broke.

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