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Let me know if you want to hear about what happened with Megan, Jenny and Katie later that day Abby, Libby, Megan, Jenny, and Katie.

I was half afraid they would see me and half hoped they Spxnk as they walked up the aisle to the back of the theater.

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Nikosho 11 months ago
I think the word that would apply to what you are describing is "groupthink". The end result, "echo chamber".
JoJozil 11 months ago
Have to resort to personal attacks. Means ya lost. Passed copy/paste from wiki did ya? Good for you. Btw, personal attacks aren?t permitted.
Maujar 11 months ago
Follow an orange fat fker.
Keshura 11 months ago
I didnt say they were harmful. I said they have no right to inject themselves and their message into public schools (especially without the parents consent). The public schools funded by all of us.
Matilar 11 months ago
That was Stephs FMVP fuc'k you media
Mujin 11 months ago
It would probably depend on the antidiscrimination statute, if any, in which the baker is located. Only state and local laws, not federal, specifically encompass sexual orientation as a protected class.
Kajishicage 10 months ago
I'm curious, Moldred, which religious organizations have to go to court to fight for their special privileges?
Negore 10 months ago
I don't mean to be a stickler, but shouldn't "unbiased media" be in quotes.
Kazragar 10 months ago
HUgs for the sorrow. I went to a funeral this past weekend. My BIL.
Malar 10 months ago
Sure it had security. Doesn't matter though if the server wasn't hacked. She still shouldn't have done it. Kristian Saucier was convicted even though he didn't have any evil intent for the pics nor allowed pics to get into the wrong hands.
Akinole 10 months ago
"Are you morally content to let a fetus develop while the police investigate the veracity of a rape charge?"
Nizragore 10 months ago
Oh please. You can't be that foolish to think that science has proven no God exists. This would be just a silly conversation if you did.
Zugal 9 months ago
I didn't get the sense that its the 7 years or him-just the monotony of being the person pushing this
Voodoorn 9 months ago
Just because there are millions of opinions about what objective morality is doesn?t mean it is subjective. It just means some people are wrong.
Nam 9 months ago
Only on Disqus. Sock on sock love is quite popular.
Douramar 9 months ago
With digital photos these days, you usually have a sitting fee, which was probably what the $300 was for. You can usually either buy the copyright from them and have your own prints made, or buy them from the photographer directly. If I ask about pricing, I always make sure exactly what that price covers. But that's just me.
Arashikasa 9 months ago
1. I like to be happy. I don't like to be unhappy.
Kishakar 9 months ago
I no longer use social media, and when I did, it was only Facebook.
Mekinos 9 months ago
how many people have risen from the dead?
Samusho 8 months ago
No, I do not agree prayer is wasted. He teaches us through the bible to pray incessantly. That is, don't ask just once but continuously.
Vulkree 8 months ago
Abortion is not always quite that simple. Remember that life is lived in the shades of grey, not black and white.
Shakahn 8 months ago
Now play fair Anton, I was never pretending that Trump was some Genius.
Arashishura 8 months ago
No, really, you can't according to the parameters of the thought experiment.
Gogami 8 months ago
You have no point. Again. Most illegals are doing jobs that Americans can not and/or will not do. Yes they pay less. But the fact is, they have tested this out to see how many people could actually do the jobs that illegals do. Most could not at ANY PAY RATE. American's are fat and lazy. What makes you think that employers wouldn't rather hire Americans? They hire anyone who can do the work. These illegals in most instances are private contractors. They go to pick produce and get paid by the weight. Its that simple. They are not employees. Most people who hire them don't want the responsibility of being an employer. These illegals are on their own.
Sharan 7 months ago
It was unintentional. There was a mix up
Kajijinn 7 months ago
Yes, Mormons pray to God and ask him if the Book of Mormon is true. Guess what, God tells hem it?s teue.
Akizil 7 months ago
Same!!! Oh so much of my teenage years were spent pinning over guys who were jerks!
Voshakar 7 months ago
Mel's suggestion, I was about to push for a big ugly machine that had been chromed and or bedazzled ;)

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