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"So, James Randi, as interesting of a figure as he is, is not a historian or an archaeologist, so I'm not sure why what he says about Nazareth would carry any weight for anyone (unless it was simply to peak some curiosity)."

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Kabei 1 year ago
I'm sorry I'm not sure what the question is. Do you mean "why would you want someone's maternity photos?"
Fenrinris 1 year ago
I prefer Diet Boss as opposed to Boss Free because of the aspartame.
Takazahn 1 year ago
Wait... From what I've seen in the news last few years it seems that bishops like 14yos tugging them...
Mezigis 1 year ago
Hows it about homosexuality?
Nashakar 1 year ago
Canada's major imports includes cars, crude petroleum, delivery trucks, food products, computers and gold. More than half of Canada?s imports come from the U.S, which is the country's largest trading partner, and 8 percent of imports come from China. Canada's major exports are maple syrup, wheat and lumber. Looking at their major imports and exports, if Canada were to place an embargo on all of its exports to the US and place a tariff on its imports (which would be passed to the Canadian consumer) would the world come to an end as we know it as you bemoan? We can do quite well without Canada's exports (they are 9th - we import more from South Korea than we do from Canada). Obviously Canada depends on the US, not the US depends on Canada.
Fenribei 1 year ago
What a butthead lol
Kalrajas 11 months ago
Are the Temple garments ("Mormon underwear") worn like regular underwear, against the skin, or can you wear something underneath them -- or over them -- for more support? The pictures I've seen don't make them look very "supportive."
Maulmaran 11 months ago
Never said you did. Talking about Free will, where in that sentence do the words free will appear?
Sakus 11 months ago
thanks - I am curious XD
Mim 11 months ago
The author is imagining how existence, as we know it, came about... with a poetic twist (waxing poetic).
Kazizil 11 months ago
I'm sure he didn't intend to bump into her and knock her down (why would he?) It is a really dumb 'accident' though. That space isn't designed for some huge fat guy to go barrelling around through crowded narrow spaces in some weird excited rage. It's like the 'accidents' people have while driving around drunk, or riding their bikes at high speed down busy sidewalks. Sure, they never intend to hit anyone.
Tojajora 11 months ago
And yet if they did contain all of these things you feel they "should" contain, many would cry plagiarism. No pleasing some people, as most believe as they wish to believe.
Tujinn 11 months ago
I have no interest in what Muslims think or believe. They worship a false god.
Domi 10 months ago
I laugh at the way bigots praise the tools they have invented to measure themselves. IQ tests are bollocks. Blacks have non of the above which are facts, not apologies.
Mikinos 10 months ago
Right to be wrong?! Okay...
Fenrizilkree 10 months ago
Was a sports reporter available?
Galabar 10 months ago
Thats how I feel about modern marvels of thinking, then I see heron addicts sick under blankets, A women holding back tears after losing her home to a fire trying to survive, to others who feed on them. This civilization is make belief because a million bodies are trampled under it. You know nothing of the truth or falsehood of god, how could you untill you know the truth of life.
Mular 10 months ago
I kind of want to make a thread about this. It's interesting
Daikus 10 months ago
An observation never lies. Unless you are drunk.
Dagrel 9 months ago
But there forcing their lifestyle on even kindergartners in the public school. It becomes my business at that point.
Neramar 9 months ago
Yes, as they get older they progressively get more responsibility and ability to make decisions for themselves. Eventually (when they move out/get married), this should transition into a friend/mentorship relationship.
Gusar 9 months ago
Oh for sure it can be reversed. But first folks have to believe it is possible.
Zoloshicage 9 months ago
The human genome shows that chimps, our closest living relatives, share 96 percent of our DNA. The number of genetic differences between humans and chimps is ten times smaller than that between mice and rats. Gradualism, anyone?
Meztijind 9 months ago
Compensation. That's the key word here. Canon law in the Catholic church requires that priests be attached to diocese and the bishop is responsible for providing for the priests in his care - priests are not salaried nor given a wage, i.e., they do not receive compensation, as such.

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